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Peter Naughton Web Design

My experience in web design dates back to 1995, when most people still used dial-up to get online and you had to “hand code” the HTML code for web pages.  The web — and my own skills — have progressed quite a bit since then.  Today, I do most of my web design with WordPress, an open-source content management system.  Here are some examples of my work.


95.3/103.9 The Dinosaur – Localization and maintenance


The basic design of the website, its structure and the proprietary Vortal CMS are provided by an outside company.  Once the design was (mostly) ready and turned over to the radio station, I was asked to take care of all the localization and oversee ongoing maintenance.  The site was somewhat challenging because Vortal seems to be outdated and not at all anything close to what I’d consider “user friendly.”  (To put it mildly, I could have done a much better job with WordPress.)

Because the radio station was a part-time job for me, the design was optimized so the homepage doesn’t have any space for blogs or other content that would require daily maintenance.  The “local news” and “local sports” sections are simply displaying headlines from the RSS feeds of local news media websites.

Created most (but not all) of the graphics and wrote much of the copy seen on the website.  The “community calendar” and a separate “station events” calendar are actually embedded Google Calendars, which allow other station staff members to post and update events via the Google interface staffers already know, rather than requiring everyone to learn how to use Vortal’s complicated calendar feature.

In addition to maintaining the website, I assisted with overseeing the station’s Facebook Page and created the station’s @DinosaurRadio Twitter feed, which simply echoes the Facebook posts, but offers a way for the station to be connected to those who prefer Twitter over Facebook.

CNYRadio.com / CNYTVNews.com


News site covering the happenings of the local broadcasting industry.  Started with just local radio, then added local TV in late 2010.

After the site’s original owner closed it in 2005, I obtained permission to revive it in 2007.  Rebuilt the site from scratch using WordPress and Adobe Photoshop Elements, launched in 2008.  Redesigned three times since then, most recently in 2012.  While the first two designs used off-the-shelf templates modified as needed, the most-recent two designs include templates I built on my own.

As new stories are published, links automatically post to site’s Twitter feed and Facebook page, recycling fans back to the site.  Site encourages new users to connect on either platform, so they keep coming back.

Syracuse Press Club awards: Internet Public Service, second place, 2011 and 2012.

Screenshot of AudioTheater.net



Was hired by the owner of an audio production company in Atlanta to create his company’s official website.

Original site was created in Dreamweaver.  It was nice, but because the client did not own a copy of Dreamweaver, he needed to contact me to handle any updates he needed to make.

Current site was created in WordPress, which allowed me to basically create a “turnkey” site for client.  After a few “tutoring by phone” sessions, client was able to take over — he continues to post new content on his own, including audio clips and graphics.

Peter Naughton Productions


This is the website for my own mobile DJ business.  This site is also based on WordPress, with a custom-designed template.  Graphics created in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

The site is designed to answer many of the most common questions customers tend to have.  When customers are ready to book me to DJ their event, a convenient “fill in the blanks” style form allows customers to provide all the details I will need, in order to provide an accurate price quote.

In the sidebar of this website, you’ll notice links to my @PETERtheDJ Twitter feed and Facebook page, and some of the latest headlines from my “DJ Blog,” which offers photos from my performances and general event-planning advice to customers.

Website includes a special “Contact Form” which customers can use to tell me when they need a DJ, so I can respond with my availability and a price quote.

Previous Web Design Work

My duties at Regent  Broadcasting in Utica, NY (2001-2005) included designing and maintaining websites for each of the cluster’s four radio stations.  Below are snapshots of how these websites appeared before I left Regent for my next job.

Lite 98.7 WLZW

[Click thumbnail for a larger view of the site from 2003.]

Site for the market’s leading Adult Contemporary radio station.

Created the site’s template, CSS stylesheet and graphics from scratch.

Several different versions of the masthead were created, each featuring a different slogan or “positioning statement” used by the station.  A different masthead was randomly selected for display each time a page was loaded.  Also had the “status bar” just below the masthead show the name of the DJ or show currently on-air at any given time.

As the station’s Program Director and Afternoon Drive personality, I also handled ongoing maintenance.  Duties included keeping the homepage fresh with new content and updating secondary pages with current information about station contests, upcoming remote broadcast schedules, on-air talent biographies and photos from station events.

Big Frog 104

[Click thumbnail for a larger view the site from 2004.]

Site for the Utica/Rome market’s leading country music station.

Created the site’s template, CSS stylesheet and graphics from scratch.  Although the Lite 98.7 template was a basis for the Big Frog 104 template, extensive changes throughout help make this site stand out as unique.  The masthead featured all of the station’s major personalities, along with station mascot Jeremiah B. Frog.

This was before the advent of RSS feeds and APIs, so yes, those concert dates had to be updated manually on an ongoing basis.  Although I assisted with the ongoing maintenance from time to time, most of the daily upkeep was performed by WFRG’s promotions director.

Oldiez 96.1

[Click thumbnail for a larger view of the site from 2004.]

Site for the Utica/Rome market’s leading country music station.

The design here is remarkably different from both of the stations above, notably in terms of the “nav menu” running horizontally just under the masthead, rather than vertically in a sidebar.

The masthead in this screenshot features photos of Elton John, but every time a new page was selected or reloaded, the site would randomly choose a different masthead — roughly 20 different versions were made, each featuring a different “core artist” or group from the Oldiez 96 music library.

This website wasn’t updated as often as the above two because updates were only made at the request of the program director, who didn’t request updates very often.


WIBX 950 News/Talk/Sports

[Click thumbnail for a larger view of how the site looked in 2004.]

Site for the Utica/Rome market’s leading news/talk station.  This site was considerably “different” as the main focus was local news.

Rather than require the newsroom staff to learn web design or how to transfer pages to/from an FTP server, I established a free “Blogger” account for the newsroom.  I set up Blogger to display the WIBX logo at the top, and then embedded the Blogger page as a “frame” inside the WIBX homepage.  Voila — the newsroom staff could use Blogger’s user-friendly interface to post news stories to the web on their own, anytime, without my assistance.

This page was eventually embedded into the homepages of the other three stations’ websites as well.  The idea was also “borrowed” (and is still in use today) by WTNY in Watertown, which, at the time, was owned by the same parent company as WIBX.