Radio and Mobile DJ

Radio Disc Jockey

My on-air radio experience includes a total of four radio stations in the Syracuse and Utica-Rome markets of upstate New York.  I’ve been a DJ for adult contemporary, classic top 40 and country stations, and I’ve been a news anchor for a news/talk station.  First, some of the skills which are involved — it’s more than just playing music and talking!

  • Respond to listener questions and feedback on the telephone request line, face-to-face at station events, or online.
  • Multitask: speak live on-air while crossfading songs, activating phone lines or mixing other audio elements.
  • Keep track of time, deciding when to drop or add songs to maintain the format clock.
  • Scan entertainment news sources for items which would be of interest to the station’s target audience.  Determine if content would be appropriate to discuss on-air, online or both.
  • Choose wording to most-effectively communicate about station events, contests, weather forecasts or other information.
  • Present authoritative and accurate weather reports and breaking news information on-air and online.
  • Use social media (Facebook and Twitter) to promote upcoming contests or events, in an effort to bring fans back to the radio (or to keep listening longer).  Promote social media on-air to recycle audience between all platforms.
  • Conduct live on-air contests in accordance with official rules.
  • Edit recorded phone calls so they are concise (no long pauses) and compelling.  This usually must be done quickly (less than 2-3 minutes) to get the winner on-air just one song after a contest is announced.
  • Monitor Emergency Alert System receiver for incoming alerts and relay the alerts over-the-air if required.  Document all alerts received and broadcast (or any problems preventing such) as per required by federal regulations.
  • Monitor and document transmitter power levels to ensure station is operating within FCC-approved guidelines and alert engineer if there is a problem.  After sunset, this includes ensuring transmitter tower lights are working, and alerting the FAA if they are not.

Audio: Clips demonstrating my on-air broadcasting experience.

From January 2014, shortly after the launch of 95.3/103.9 The Dinosaur:

Video Clip 1: (Recorded with my “good” camera, then dubbed the on-air audio over the camera audio so it sounds exactly as it did on-air.)

Video Clip 2: (This one was recorded with my cell phone and I did not edit the audio, so when the mic goes on, the in-studio speakers cut out).

Mobile Disc Jockey

In addition to my on-air work, I also own and operate my own DJ business, Peter Naughton Productions.  Duties involved with the operation of the business include the following:

Promotions / Marketing / Social Media

  • Designed and maintain entire website for the business at
    • Explains services available, pricing, policies and other key information
    • Includes a “DJ Blog” where I occasionally add “advice articles” to help prospective clients with their event planning, which also serves to demonstrate my experience and knowledge of the business
    • Online form provides a convenient way for customers to contact me, and a practical way for me to get the information I need to provide customers with an accurate response regarding my availability and a price quote.
  • Created and maintain a Facebook fan page and Twitter feedto help publicize the business.
    • Occasional “secret sales” are offered “only on Facebook” or “only on Twitter” to encourage people to follow/like.
    • New blog posts at are promoted on both platforms to encourage return visits to the main website.
  • Created business cards which are displayed on my table at events, so guests can book me for their own events.
  • Wrote copy for ads posted on Craigslist and Facebook.
  • Purposely avoid “typical” marketing avenues such as wedding expos and wedding directories, as these involve a significant expense.  Instead, I’ve purposely chosen to keep my advertising costs low and pass the savings along to customers in the form of rates which are lower than other DJs with comparable skill and experience.

Customer Service

  • Respond to telephone calls or email messages from current and potential customers as quickly as possible.
  • Provide price quotes based on customer’s request: length of event, location, amount of preparation required.
  • Meet face-to-face with customers prior to their events, to discuss specific details of their event.  For example, there’s a blog post where I’ve listed some of the major topics discussed with couples prior to playing a wedding reception.
  • Provide customers with lists of song suggestions for specific dances (ie. newlyweds’ first dance, bride/father dance) in case they are having trouble coming up with song ideas on their own.
  • Remain in contact with customers as needed during the planning process to ensure a smooth presentation.

Performing at Events

  • Wedding in Cooperstown, 2011.

    Determine the best driving route to the location and arrive at least one-hour prior to the event.

  • Set-up professional audio and lighting equipment.
  • Provide music, lighting and other entertainment as discussed in advance with customers.
  • Master of Ceremonies duties include, but are not limited to, making appropriate announcements at the correct times, playing specified music at scheduled times and directing guests through the event (ie. transition from cocktail hour to dinner, encouraging guests to dance, gathering for bouquet toss, “last call” and so forth).
  • Handle last-minute changes requested by the customer or venue management.
  • Respond to questions or music requests from guests, within limits as allowed by clients.
  • Pack-up all equipment following event in a quick but orderly manner, so that equipment will fit in my vehicle and so it’s ready for use at the next event without needing to be repacked.

Financial Management

  • Maintain receipts for expenses including equipment and advertising.
  • Record all money received from customers for deposits and final payments.
  • Remind customers of any outstanding balances as deadlines approach.
  • Evaluate cost vs. potential benefit for any major new equipment purchases / upgrades or new advertising methods.  Research product reviews and specifications prior to purchases.