SimCity Super NES Guide: Section 7

Section 7: Gifts

As you reach certain milestones, Dr. Wright will appear to say you’ve earned a special gift.  In this section, we’ve listed all those gifts, how to earn them, and where to place them.  Many gifts can help improve a neighborhood, as long as you know which types of zones they “play well” with.  Several gifts also generate income for your city budget.

Gift 1: Your House Your House

Requirement: 2000 Population (same time you achieve “Town” status)
Revenue/Expense: $0
Best Placement: Residential

Police HQ Police HQ (up to 3)

Prerequisite: 6, 12, or 18 police stations
Yearly Income: $0
Best Placement: Anywhere (provides 1½ times the coverage of a normal station)

Fire HQ (up to 3)

Prerequisite: 6, 12, or 18 fire stations
Yearly Income: $0
Best Placement: Anywhere (provides 1½ times the coverage of a normal station)

Train Station (up to 2)

Prerequisite: 50km and 200km of track
Yearly Income: $100
Best Placement: Commercial areas
Windmill Windmill

Prerequisite: 150 zones must become fully developed
Yearly Income: $100
Best Placement: Anywhere


Prerequisite: Population 50,000 AND build an airport
Yearly Income: $100
Best Placement: Industrial area

Amusement Park OR Casino (up to 3)

Note: Whenever you hit one of the milestones, you’ll get to pick one or the other. Casinos bring more money but they also cause crime.  However, that shouldn’t be a problem if you build a PD right next door.

Prerequisite: 300, 400 or 500km of roads*
* I usually build my cities with all rails, no roads… yet I still get these.  But I haven’t been able to figure out exactly what else triggers them.
Yearly Income: Park $200 / Casino $300
Best Placement: Park in residential areas / Casino anywhere (with a police station nearby)


Prerequisite: City age = 50 years
Yearly Income: $100
Best Placement: Commercial area

Landfills (up to 3… or 4?)

Prerequisite: Open land dwindles to 150, 100, 50 or 30 acres (squares)
Yearly Income: $0
Best Placement: Can only be placed on water… it’s a 3×3 area of land, big enough for a zone.  You can put them right on your shore, or you can build an island.  Just remember to run power and transportation to it!

Scale Model of the City (aka “View” Mode)

Prerequisite: Population = 50,000
Yearly Income: $0
Best Placement: n/a.  It just lets you look at your city from a different kind of angle, thanks to the Mode 7 capability of the Super NES.  It looks kinda screwy (a lame 1991 attempt at 3-D) and you can’t do anything to your city while viewing it in this mode, so it’s pretty useless.
Large Park Large Park (up to 3)

Prerequisite: Build 300, 600 or 900 acres (squares) of small parkland
Yearly Income: $0
Best Placement: Commercial or residential areas
Library Library (up to 3)

Prerequisite: When 3, 6 and 9 schools are built.
NOTE: Unlike newer versions of SimCity where you build schools, this version builds schools automatically. You can’t “make” this happen.
Yearly Income: $100 (not shabby, considering libraries cost cities money in real life)
Best Placement: Residential areas

Bank (not desired!)

Prerequisite: Appears to provide a loan when your cash falls below $2000
Yearly Income: $0
Best Placement: Anywhere
Zoo Zoo (up to 2)

Prerequisite: Build 1 or 3 stadiums
Yearly Income: $100
Best Placement: Residential or commercial

Mario Statue

Prerequisite: Population = 500,000
Yearly Income: $0
Best Placement: Anywhere

I’m working on getting screen shots of all the gifts — but my “real job” and other activities don’t leave a lot of time left over for playing SimCity.  So if you have good-quality screen shots of any gifts that we don’t already have pictured, feel free to send them in.

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