SimCity Super NES Guide

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Peter's SimCity Guide

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Why I’m still maintaining a guide for a game that was released in 1991
Section 1: Version Differences Comparing SimCity SNES to the PC version and the Wii Virtual Console version
Section 2: Finding SimCity SNES Tips to find this classic game
Section 3: Getting Started Instructions, choosing the best landform
Section 4: Tips & Tricks Million Dollar Code, good zoning strategies to help you build a Megalopolis
Section 4.1: The Debug Menu Check out the many features in the Debug Menu… so well-hidden, it took players nearly 18 years to find it!
Section 5: Battling Common SimCity Problems Wiping out Pollution, Unemployment, Crime, Traffic and other issues your Sims complain about
Section 6: The Infamous Startup Bug A major pain in the neck!  What causes it and how to avoid it.
Section 7: Gifts How to earn ’em and where to use ’em!
Section 8: Tackling the Scenarios Solutions to beat all 6 scenario cities, with plenty of time to spare for other improvements
Section 9: The Bonus Scenarios Las Vegas and Freeland: The two unlockables you can’t play until you solve the first six scenarios



I was 16 years old when I started Peter’s Place.  At the time, I was in high school and I had a lot more time for video games and computer games then. My “SimCity 2000 Tip of the Week” was one of the first features on the website.  Since then, many other gaming sites have popped up, created by people who have more time for video games than I do.  While those sites continue to evolve around the latest games in the series, my site is, to the best of my knowledge, the only one that ever covered the Super NES version of the original SimCity in such detail, and even in 2011, this guide still gets more hits than the rest of my website.  That’s why I decided to keep the SimCity SNES page going.  (And with new players still discovering SimCity via the Wii Virtual Console, I guess it wasn’t a bad idea!)

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The screen you see after you save your game and exit.