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Corporate Presentations

When I first joined CNY Works, the customer orientation slide show needed much improvement.  A collection of inconsistently-designed slides and animations detracted from the seriousness of the information being presented.  I redesigned the presentation in 2009 using a new template, giving all the slides a uniform, professional look.

In early 2011, it was decided to replace live presenters with a pre-recorded voiceover, to ensure every group of new customers would receive the same information in the same amount of time.  Using my own professional audio equipment, I voiced and edited the narration, then “automated” the presentation so the slides advance on their own, in sync with the voice.

Graphic design and voiceover by Peter Naughton

When the Children’s Consortium of Syracuse decided to create a video showcasing their programs and services, I was asked to perform the voiceover.  The script was mostly written by the organization, but we tweaked a few words here and there to make it “flow” better when read aloud.  Video was shot and edited by someone else, so I only claim credit for the voicework on this project.

Voiceover ONLY by Peter Naughton


Radio Spot #1 – Skinner Sales Tax MatchRadio Spot #2 – Skinner Sales President’s DayCredit: voiceovers only.

Audio Production

These are two radio commercial spots I voiced-over for a local car dealership.  Because the client provided jingles produced by an outside firm, I had to pace my voiceovers to fit with the jingles.  These spots aired on the Townsquare Media (formerly Regent Broadcasting) stations and may have aired on other radio stations in the Utica-Rome market.

VO for Video Spot – Fashion ShowCredit: voiceovers only. This is a voiceover I recorded for a friend of a friend, who needed to put together a commercial for a fashion show.  My voice was later paired up with video (produced by someone else).  The short pause near the end of the voiceover was requested by the client.
WLZW – Radiothon Interview MontageCredit: interviewing, editing and production (except for the song, of course). This interview montage aired during a Children’s Miracle Network Radiothon on Lite 98.7 WLZW.  My first step was to interview the mother about what her son went through, and how CMN-funded services helped.  Then, I chose a format-appropriate song that helped support the emotion of the story, and selected sound bites from the interview that could tell the story without “stepping over” the song vocals.  The goal is to tell a story that encourages listeners to phone in pledges.


Radio Promotion Copywriting

Soon after I became Program Director of WLZW in 2002, we had a new morning show host — replacing one who had been with the station for more than a decade prior.  This promotional spot helped introduce listeners to “the new guy,” while reinforcing the rest of the talent lineup.  I wrote all the parts and had each person voice their own parts — then our Production Director put it all together.

WLZW Talent Lineup PromoCredit: Copywriting and partial voiceover.

Graphic Design

Here are some of my most-recent graphic products for Syracuse radio station 95.3/103.9 The Dinosaur’s website and Facebook page.  Click any thumbnail to see the full-size version.


This is just a sampling of some of the banner ad promos and story graphics I’ve produced for

The above image was created for
a blog post on

Print Graphic Design

First, a business card I created for my DJ business. If you scan the QR code with a smartphone, it’s a shortcut to Second, the design used for vehicle magnets and signage displayed at my DJ table during events. It was kept plain and simple so it would be easy to read from a distance.

Video Editing

This isn’t a professional effort; just something I did on my own at home to push my non-linear video editing skills. News producers don’t get to edit much video, and when we do, it’s usually just simple “cut, cut, cut” kind of stuff. This project gave me the chance to go beyond “routine” stuff. Video uses special effects like video resizing/cropping, and having as many as eight simultaneous video tracks (plus a zooming title layer) on-screen at the same time.