April 3, 2019 update:

Hi!  I’m getting ready to merge this website (pnaw10.com) with my side business website, Peter Naughton Productions, at peterthedj.com.  Check it out!

Some of the pages that used to appear here have been eliminated (or will be soon), as I honestly haven’t updated them in years, and my traffic stats indicate nobody’s reading those pages.  Most of this website was intended to serve as an “online resume” when I was still working in broadcast journalism, but I’ve long since moved into a different field.

The SimCity SNES guide pages, however, do continue to get views — so I want to keep those available.  I will soon be moving those over to peterthedj.com and then setting-up redirects so that anyone looking for the guide here on pnaw10.com will be automatically redirected to peterthedj.com.

Basically, I’ve recently moved my DJ website over to a new hosting provider, and while the overall service is better, I can’t run as many different websites on the new host.    Well, I suppose I could, if I wanted to pay WAY more for the next tier of service, but the added cost isn’t worth it just for 8 or 9 pages that I can easily merge into my existing website.